Andrei Pavel | The story of my music
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The story of my music

  |   muzica, Personale

It al started back in 2003. I was playing with some sounds and i liked it. Time passed. In 2005 or 2006 I lost the data from my hard drive and I barely recovered a few projects. In 2008 I started finishing some of the piano themes and made some audiobook poems [100 so far]. In 2009 i was working on my laptop too cause I was traveling a lot and i lost tons of sounds and projects when it just crashed. 

Well, after 11 years I got back to music. I was already a songwriter at a few studios but there were never time for my songs even if I had some rap songs made starting in 2009. What’s important is that 3 months ago I started finishing my tracks since I needed a background for my art videos on my Youtube acount so I won’t have any copyright issues. It’s more simple to “explain” or describe in images than in words [most of the time]. But what a surprise to see that people were interested more in music than art videos. So i see it as an extra good thing, doing something to back up my work and also a stand alone. And all of this because I wanted some chapters completed!

In just 3 months i finished over 90 tracks [that’s almost one a day] along with some projects and art videos. That’s all I do day and night, so don’t wonder WHEN i have the time to do it all. I also registered them for copyrights.

Unfortunatelly, people on Youtube listen to a track by it’ cover and another factor that doesn’t help your work to be seen. is the keywords. Somehow you are forced to make songs with titles that people might look for. It’s a little messed up when it interferes with your idea. We call it adaptation. Sometimes i feel this tainting an artist work. So.. we are living in a world were appereances matter more.

Anyway, this is the video for visual arts and the reason i got back the music: paintings, photography, speed painting and fractal art.

And these are the genres i approach [although there are some more added since last month]: trip hop, hip hop/ fusion, ambient, chill out/ lounge, dubstep, trap and piano themes.

Enjoy my work. Peace! 🙂

AUTHOR - sssfinxxx